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  • The protection of people and the environment is a constant concern of G. M. Chemie Pvt. Ltd.

  • We design the plant, processes and operations under principles of safeguarding the safety, health and environment

  • Evaluate and warn the risks to health and safety and the impact on the environment in all areas of activity

  • Adopt appropriate policies for waste management, emissions and natural resources, prevent pollution, which are, wherever possible

  • Inform and train all employees and demanded that act responsibly in protecting health, safety and environment with good sense and in alignment with the business

  • Investigated and corrective measures implemented in all situations not conform to avoid its repetition itself

  • We maintain a cordial and constructive relationship with the community and other interested parties, based on a spirit of mutual respect and dialogue

  • We seek continuous improvement of safety, health and environment, regularly evaluating their performance in order to achieve the objectives set

  • Protect the health and safety of our fellow employees, contractors, visitors and others affected by our operations

  • Operate our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner

  • Commit to continuous improvement of environment, health and safety performance

  • Comply with legal requirements and global environment, health and safety standards

  • Make environment, health safety and loss prevention integral to all business processes, planning and decision making

  • Establish business practices and environment, health, safety and loss prevention strategies that optimally utilize resources and prevent pollution to ensure the long-term sustainability of the global environment

  • All workplace related illnesses and injuries are preventable

  • Continuously improve ourselves by taking the leverage of the advancements in newer technologies

  • Always keep ourselves updated with the newer understandings in environmental protection and conservation of all available resources (natural and man made), and putting them into practice at workplace and outside

  • Continuously audit and measure all our actions and move towards progress in bringing better and improved quality of life to all

  • Remain committed to maintaining safe and environmentally sound operations, and reduce our environmental footprints

  • Be world class in maintaining high standards of EHS. Conduct all our operations to global standards by following the world's best practices and strive to move towards being the trendsetters in the area of EHS
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